Final Research Paper

Final Paper- Kara Aguglia

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Mapping Your Approach

After reading the description of mapping your approach by Harris, I feel that my paper has a good flow and a good direction.  I start off my paper with the introduction in which I describe what Facebook is, how it is used, the positives and negatives of its use, how I am going to relate it to relationships and I add in some statistics.  Next, I move on to talk about how Facebook is used to reconnect with people who you have known in your past.  In doing this, I explain how rekindling a past love can cause problems in marriages and I talk about an interview that I conducted where the person I interviewed saw her exboyfriend on Facebook and she decided to be in a relationship with him and end her marriage.  Then, I go on to talk about how Facebook is used to meet new people and this too can end marriages because people go on this website to vent about their spouse or look for someone interesting to talk to.  Also, in this section I interview a women who met someone new on Facebook and ended her marriage because of it.  Finally, I talk about how Facebook is a positive aspect of communication, but it has more negatives than it does positives.  After this paragraph I have my conclusion where I connect everything together and show that Facebook is a good thing but people in relationships need to be cautious. Overall I believe that my paper has a good flow based on Harris’s ideas.

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Sentence Outline of my Research Paper

I start off my research paper by defining Facebook, showing its uses and explaining that this website is to blame for a large number of divorces and breakups because many people go on Facebook to rekindle relationships that they had in the past.  I then show that Facebook is also used to meet new people, and this it is another reason for Facebook being blamed for break ups. Then, I show that Facebook is also used as a positive communication tool between family members and friends, and I show my personal experiences with the website.  I move on to summarize that Facebook has both positive and negative effects, but the negative effects outweigh the positive ones.  Then, I explain how it is tempting to go on Facebook and look up people from your past and I use an article about a women who admits to being obsessed with looking up information on Facebook from one of her ex-boyfriends.  After this, I explain a situation from an article where a man is caught messaging one of his old friends on Facebook by his wife and I talk about this adding stress to their marriage. Then, I add in an interview from one of my aunts who got a divorce because she found one of her ex-boyfriends on Facebook and they rekindled their love for each other.  Next, I explain how Facebook is used for meeting new people and how it can be an outlet for people in relationships to talk badly about their spouse to others who they may find interesting.  Then, I tie in how Facebook has changed the way that people cheat because it is now much easier to meet new people in the privacy of your own home and because of this, break ups and divorces are ending because of Facebook use.  Finally, I talk about he positive uses of Facebook and how people admit that they would lose connection with their family members and friends if they did not regularly go on Facebook.

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I found the reading “The Mashup: A New Archetype for Communication by Michele H. Jackson to be very interesting.  Before reading this and the Wikipedia definition of a mashup, I really did not know which one was.  Also, I did not know that there are four different types of mashups that can be created.  I knew that there could be a video mashup because we talked about it in class but I did not know that you could do the same thing with music, or make a digital mashup or a web application hybrid mashup.  Also, I find it interesting that a mashup is used as a form of communication.  I thought that watching a mashup or listening to one would be fun because it is a mixture of  different parts of videos or music that already existed, but I did not know that the meaning for the mashups was to relay a message.  In the reading when Jackson talks about tagging, I was at first confused about how she compared tagging to folders.  But, when I re-read the paragraph again, I was able to compare the tagging she was talking about to tagging on Facebook that is done everyday.  It is like connecting two things at one time and on Facebook this is done by “tagging” or adding your friends name in a post or a picture and it automatically goes to their page.  When this is done, the post or picture is available on both profiles, just like the reading says that when tagging is done, the information is stored in both folders. 

One part of the reading that I did not like was the life-logging part where Jackson talked about Twitter and how people can tell us what they are doing in 140 characters or less.  I find this extremely annoying because I particularly do not care if someone is “eating an apple” or that they went to the store.  When information like this is on Facebook it is very irritating, but I guess that it is more acceptable to say what you are doing on Twitter.

When watching the video mashups from YouTube, I enjoyed the one that included Charlie Sheen’s Rant vs. Dark Vader.  It was funny to hear Charlie Sheen’s very recognizable voice in the setting of Dak Vader and it was amusing to watch. The other two video mashups were not as entertaining as the Charlie Sheen one, but I now fully understand what a mashup is and how the main point of a mashup is to relay a message.

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Event blog

I had a hard time understanding her entire point of her lecture and I felt that by having so many quotes, I could not follow along with what she was trying to say.  But, I do find it interesting how poetry is incorporated into video games.  The video games that she showed us were not at all what I expected because they are very different from the games I am used to seeing.  The graphics in the games, the point of the games and the pace in the games are not what I am used to. But, I do understand how each game works and how some people may find them fun.  Personally, I would not find either game fun because they are slow-paced and somewhat boring.  The Path game also seemed very unique because of the fact that you are not supposed to do what the game tells you do to.  I found this interesting and the fact that she said that the game takes 10 to 13 hours  to complete is crazy to me because I could never spend that much time playing one game.  Overall I feel that the lecture was interesting and although it was hard to follow at some points in the lecture I think I now understand the use of poetry in some video games.

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Andrew M/Parker



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